The stewardship committee is responsible for the financial support of Trinity and the annual Pony Express drive each fall. The board is also responsible for implementing any on-going stewardship projects (ex. collecting items for food shelves).
We now have GivePlus on this website! From the home screen go to the box that says "Give Now"  select a fund and enter your donation amount.  You can choose a donation frequency if you create a GivePlus account.  Enter your debit/credit card or checking/saving account information. Review and submit your gift by clicking on "Donate Now".
Giving through our GivePlus Mobile app is an easy and convienent way to donate to our church.  It only takes a moment to set up a account.
1.  Download the free GivePlus app from the App Store or Google Play.
2.  Find our church by ZIP code or by searching for our Church name.
3.  Donate!
You could also consider an automatic direct transfer from your bank account to the Trinity Church account (Profinium Bank-Truman).
     Not only will it save you from looking for your church envelopes, or writing checks weekly or monthly, it will help to financially support our church.
     To make this happen call your personal banker to complete a simple form.
     For those of you that bank at Profinium, talk to Raquel at 776-2311.
                     Simple, Easy, and Very Effective!

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