Greetings to the Trinity Church Family!

   By now you have probably heard my name being bantered about or have been totally surprised to see me smiling at you on the Sunday morning worship services on Facebook, and if so. your first reactions might have been: 1). Who is she or if you already know me 2). What is she doing there!?  Let me try to answer both.

   My name is Penny (well actually it is Penelope, but you would be surprised how many people can’t say that!) Jane Ritter.  I grew up on a dairy farm east of Truman, attended District #24 county school, and graduated in 1965 from THS.  When I went off to college, I made a vow that I was never coming back to Truman.  First life lesson learned-never say never to God. God loves a challenge.  After graduating from college, I worked as a social worker in Martin County before going on to seminary.  I am an ordained American Baptist pastor and an ordained United Methodist pastor, and have served in many different denominational settings not only as a regular pastor, but in interim and pulpit supply situations, and have worked as well as a college, HOSPICE , hospital and addiction rehabilitation center chaplain,   I have done short term mission work in Alaska and New Mexico, and have taken youth group mission trips to Russia, Jamaica, and the SD Indian reservations. For several years I have taught a non-denominational women’s Bible study here in town. I am supposed to be retired.  Which brings me to the second question. 

  2).  I am currently serving you as a pulpit supply pastor because:

       a).  There are currently several ELCA churches in our immediate area without pastors.

       b).   Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ELCA pastors lined up, banging on church doors for immediate interim positions.

       c).   I was twiddling my thumbs in my pink house, and because of my varied denominational background, it sounded like a possibility that I would be able to help you out for a while.     AND

       d).  Because I only live 5 blocks from the church, on the main thoroughfare in town, it appeared winter driving conditions would not be a factor!


   I am not an interim pastor;  I am doing pulpit supply (Leading worship) and will be on emergency call, but all such requests must be made through the church office.  I have a strong sense of respectful worship that honors a holy God, a commitment to mission, and an unrelenting call to share the gospel-the good news of Jesus Christ.  I look forward to being with you, and at the same time pray mightily that your search committee will soon find the perfect pastor for you!


In Christ’s Service.

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