Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 As a young adult, I worshipped with friends at church that did not observe Ash Wednesday, lenten worship, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.   This congregation just celebrated Easter Sunday.  Now while the music was fantastic, contemporary, and celebratory, Easter Worship that year fell dreadfully short.  It was just another Sunday. 

 As someone who grew up immersed in Lutheran liturgy, I discovered the gift and purpose of liturgy and our seasonal practice of lent.  It is part of the gospel story…our story and my experience taught me … that you wouldn’t have Easter without the events of Holy Week. 

 This is important not only in remembering, telling, and sharing the gospel story.  It is an important lesson for life.  Without death there is no resurrection.  When we experience the many transitions in our lives we must let go of something and not get it back to go on to something new.  Often times these bring on mixed emotions because they may feel like “little deaths” in life.  We have to let go of something to move on.  Think about it… as a parent lets their kindergartener go to school they experience their baby is no longer a baby but are big kids going to school.  Soon we will be honoring graduates and their lives will change it will not be the same but something new is coming.  There are other “little deaths” that may not be as predictable and may suck the air out of our lungs: a job loss, a relationship loss, even a medical diagnosis that changes the shape of our lives.   Throughout life there are many losses and often times they may not be pleasant in the moment but we have the promise of the resurrection to cling to for hope.  

 Author and speaker Tony Compolo, spoke at a youth gathering I attended and 30+ years later I still remember a quote that has stuck with me and in recent years the phrase has been one that has given me hope as I faced challenges that seemed bigger than me… “It’s Good Friday but Sunday’s coming”.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, we live in the hope of the resurrection.  That death and evil do not have the last word.  We have a God that understands and knows the pain, brokenness of humanity… even to the point of death.  Easter Sunday we celebrate the hope and promise of resurrection!

 All this being said, I want to invite you to take part in the worship opportunities during Holy Week.  They are an important part of our story.  Join us for Palm Sunday worship with Holy Communion on April 14th at 8:45am in Truman and 10:30am in Madelia.  Then join us for Maundy Thursday worship with Holy Communion in Truman at  9:30 am  and Madelia at 7pm.  We will observe Good Friday worship with Holy Communion in Truman at  7:00 pm.   And then join us Easter Sunday for a joyous worship service with Holy Communion at 8:45am at Truman and 10:30 in Madelia. 

 Come reflect on the events that lead up to Easter Sunday…. There would be no Easter without Good Friday… it’s an important life lesson there is no resurrection without death… and its an important message of hope …. Especially if you are in the midst of “Good Friday moments and challenges”  Remember when it’s Good Friday…. Easter Sunday is coming. 


Look forward to seeing you in worship!


Pastor Krista


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