Dear Trinity Family,


The season of Lent is upon us.   We will be concluding our Why Jesus? sermon series and begin our Wednesday night Lenten series.   Wednesday nights during lent we will gather together and worship using the Holden Evening Prayer and engage in a worship theme entitled Half Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Other Things the Bible Didn’t Say.


You have probably have heard theses phrases… and possibly have even said them with well meaning intentions…

            “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.”  

            “Everything happens for a reason.”

             “God helps those who help themselves”

            “Love the sinner hate the sin.” 


Join us Wednesday nights during lent as we discover what makes these statements feel like truth and what about these statements.   We will think about when these statements are said and discover how helpful these statement are or are not.  In conversation with many people I have found that sometimes these phrases intended to be helpful have ended up being down right hurtful for people.   We will also discover new phrases that may actually be far more truthful about who God is,  what God desires for God’s people and God’s role and involvement in our lives. 


Sundays in March we will continue using the Narrative Lectionary following the story of Jesus in Matthew.  We will have a couple of special worship services with Camp Sunday on March 10th. Mandy Severson from Green Lake Lutheran Ministries will be going us sharing a message and song.  Please let the children and youth in your life know about this special worship and plan not join us.  On March 24 - we will have special guests, Steve and Kim Wolf and Tom and Debbie Eckstein as they share their musical talents with us and lead a special worship -  Gospel Through Scripture and  Song  - join us for worship with traditional favorites, gospel and contemporary music. This will be a worship for all ages please plan on joining us for both of these worship opportunities. 


I look forward to seeing you in worship!


Pastor Krista


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