Dear Trinity Family,


As I write this letter to you from my home, I need to admit my heart is sad…. I miss you, your faces, your hands receiving communion, your hugs, and your voices. As I stood before you on March 15th, we joined our voices together to pray the Lord’s Prayer. I felt not only God’s presence with us but also the power of being together in community. As we proclaim these words together each week… they are not rote words but words packed with faith…These communal prayers join us together and at times when we may feel too weak or forlorn to pray there are voices around us praying them with and for us. That is the power of community and corporate worship. Unfortunately, it may be awhile before we gather together in our sanctuaries for worship but we are still called to be church.


As much as my heart is sad, I am also comforted by you dear church… we keep on being church. We are working hard together but apart to be church for each other and the world. I am so grateful for those who have committed to gather and help provide worship services to be recorded and streamed on Sunday. We will continue to worship… it may look different but my beloved we will gather. It is important that even in times like these we come into God’s presence to worship God,,, the one who is faithful, with us, and at work even in this. (and has been throughout the generations.).


As church, we are working together to BE church in these uncertain times. We are actively finding ways to reach out and love our neighbors.


Phone Calls

Thank you for those who are making phone calls. It is very much appreciated. Our lists are long, so if anyone would like to join the calling team please let me know. When you get called, don’t be afraid to ask if you need something. We have people who are able and wiling to pick up items from the pharmacy or grocery store. Please don’t be afraid to ask.

Food Shelf Donations

As you shop don’t forget to pick up 1 or 2 extra non-perishable food items to for the food shelf. In Madelia, there is a box at Sunshine Foods or bring items to the church and we can get them where they need to be.

Masks for Health Care and First Responders

Thank you to the group in Truman who has set up this project. if you would like to help out with this project let me know and I will connect you. As of this morning 30 masks were just donated to Heartland Care Center in Truman., They were very grateful and asked for more as they become available.

Daily Devotions on Facebook Page

The pastors and deacons to the Watonwan Rive Conference of the SWMN Synod are joining together to provide a morning devotion each day. We are grateful for the collaboration between the pastors to help us connect with God in scripture and prayer each day. We as pastors and deacons, hope this is a blessing to you.

Devotion Kits for Living Meadows

With thanksgiving to our synod, purchasing a devotional resource, we provided the activity staff at Living Meadows in Madelia. A resource to make a mini-home altar in the resident’s room with a candle, cross, scriptures, prayers, and blessings to share with the residents when they do their one on one visits.


Keep up the good and faithful work.


Some things to look for in this newsletter or email box or on Facebook.


  1. Please watch for updates on Holy Week and Easter! I am looking for some young families that would be willing to help me out with a project. Let me now if you would be able.

  2. The resource called Taking Your Faith Home. With some instructions how you and your family can spend time together with God each day.

  3. ZOOM Classes - Zoom is an online program that allows us to meet face to face and talk to each other. I will lead the classes and we can meet at home. It is super easy and I have found it a helpful way to get through the day without feeling so isolated. Watch for information and then send me an email or respond on the Facebook page if you would like to join us. I will then send you the link in an email. Click it and follow the instructions. I look forward to connecting with you.

  4. As you can see, God’s beloved. Trinity is busy being church. This ministry continues because of your faithfulness and sharing of who you are and your financial resources. Although we are not gathering for worship. Our financial commitments remain. Please don’t forget the offering of your financial resources as well. During worship we will continue to have and offering moment in worship. I encourage you to consider writing your check and preparing to mail or bring to church OR use our online or app giving option called “Give Plus”. You can give 1 time or regularly scheduled gifts on-line or through a phone app from your bank accounts or credit/debit card. It is easy. Look for more information in this newsletter.


Beloved, people of God. God is with us and with God’s help we will get through this. I am so proud of you and how you continue to be church together. You are loved and being prayed for daily. If you need help or need to talk. Don’t be afraid to call.


Peace be with each of us… today and always.

You are loved!


Pastor Krista


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