Greetings in the name of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kent Krumwiede. I was born and raised in this community [on the family farm 7 miles SW of Truman and 11 miles east of Trimont (on what was known as the Evergreen Farm) and also on East Fourth St & N 3rd Ave East in Truman]. My parents, Glen and Violet, farmed the family site [cash crops, milking and feeder cows, chickens and pigs, and one small Shetland pony] together for over 20 years until my dad’s death in 1970. After that my mother [who had worked at the Lutheran Retirement Home], my older brother, Scott, and I moved into a house in Truman where we lived until 1974 when we moved to Fairmont. Since graduating in 1977, I have done numerous things where God has led me through what I would call “adventures of discovery” about myself and God’s world and my place in God’s church and mission in and to the world. Eventually the adventure led me to train for the ordained ministry which is where I stand now. While I complete seminary studies I have had other opportunities to do this “interim” work with congregations who were praying and discerning the path on which God was leading them. Today those congregations, by God’s grace, are still vital worshipping and ministry communities serving God through serving their communities.

I am also accountable to Trinity Lutheran church of Truman, MN, as I am being retained to walk with Trinity Lutheran as we enter God’s new thing in our lives.  Ultimately though, I answer to God who is Creator, Redeemer, and sustainer of all creation.  It is God’s Church we have been given to steward.  This I do not take lightly.  I am blessed, as I hope you will be, and honored to be given this opportunity to be in community with you and share the unknown path and walk the holy road of service to God.  It is an exciting to “venture somewhere where we cannot see the ending, moving along paths as yet untrodden, through perils and opportunities unknown.  It is by faith that we go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that God’s hand is leading us and God’s love supporting us.”

To set us together into context I will restate the situation as I understand it:  Trinity Lutheran of Truman began its ministry in 1949 in partnership with Waverly Lutheran of rural Trimont and has been a part of its ministry community for 64 years.  In January 2013, Trinity-Truman, after much prayer and discernment, chose to resituate its ministry from a yoked ministry with Waverly Lutheran-Rural Trimont to a new stand-alone ministry venture with God within its own local Small Town and Rural (STaR) community.

As much as I remember about this community, as much as I understand about Trinity, I know that my recollection of Truman and her surrounding communities and the present reality are divided by time. That is, community “evolves” as much as an environment evolves because a community is an environment.  It is an environment that is affected by any number of changes that happen outside and inside its domain.  What was known before has been transformed.  That is where I see myself in relation to Trinity Lutheran and Truman and their surrounding communities.  As much as structure is the same here, you as a community have changed.  I wish to be aware of the change so I might best minister to the faith and local communities.

God blessing our ministry together.  Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

In Christ,

Kent Krumwiede



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