Dear Trinity Family,

The season of Advent, is full of stories of waiting and anticipating the coming of Jesus.  These days it is easy to fast forward into Christmas and miss the beauty of the season Advent.  In the midst of the rush, the glitz, and to do list….

The season of Advent is full of surprises, of God calling and using God’s people  (and often times unlikely people) bringing and bearing witness to the kingdom of God in the world.  During the season of Advent, we will be looking at the cast of characters in the early part of the Christmas story…

We will hear stories…

Of HOPE - Hope that comes from unexpected events like the Angel Gabriel announcing that couple of advanced age was going to give birth to a son.  We will meet  Zechariah and Elizabeth as they trust in hope of promise even in unexpected times or events.

Of PEACE - Peace in the midst of uncertainty, like when the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she… a virgin was going to give birth to a son… the Christ child.  We look at the peace that passes understanding as Mary find out her role in the story. 

Of JOY - Joy of the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaping for joy at the arrival and announcement that Mary shares with Elizabeth.

Of LOVE - Love the God has for all the characters in the Christmas story.  As the Angel Gabriel assures Joseph of his role in the story.  One that Joseph is loved by God and called by God to love Mary and be an earthly father of Jesus.

Along with other characters in the story there are the shepherds, the innkeeper, the animals in the manger, the wisemen.  There are other character in this story — YOU!  You are part of the Christmas story today.  As you prepare this advent season for the coming of the Christ child… I invite you to take time to pay attention to the things you hope for and hope in.  Pay attention to things that bring you peace and join in prayer with those who long for peace.  Look for and give thanks to God for moments of joy in your life and look for places you can bring joy to others.  Finally, pay attention to those you love and those that love you and how you can share love with the world. 

 I hope that this Advent and Christmas season are full of blessings for you and your family.  AND that you will share those blessings with others.

 Remember we are blessed to be a blessing. 

 Pastor Krista

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